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Lakaa in the Caisse D'Épargne branch network

The Caisse d'Epargne Hauts-de-France sought to create a corporate culture for environmental transition and to develop eco-actions by mobilizing all its sites. The regional bank has drawn up a corporate mobilization plan for the environmental transition for all its branches and services: the Go Green strategy.

The Caisse d'Epargne Hauts-de-France wanted to involve all its employees in order to have a strong impact on the regions. It needed a unique tool that would allow it to :

  • Centralise and synthesise information, make it accessible and facilitate exchanges
  • Deploy the CSR strategy in a concrete way with turnkey guides by theme allowing easy implementation at local level
  • To manage and lead these actions

"Lakaa has made it possible to propose fun and concrete actions to all employees, and to integrate functions such as suggestions for action. We were able to use this collective intelligence to support the environmental transition. The adoption of Lakaa by the network was very easy thanks to the support and training of employees in the use of the platform by the Lakaa teams.

Jérome Graux
Project Leader Green Corporate

"We have had a lot of local feedback confirming that using the platform is simple and fun for employees. The deployment of Lakaa strengthens company cohesion by enabling the sharing of subjects related to professional activity, and thus acting in the business world for the environmental transition."

Audrey Bremer
Project Leader Green Corporate

"The Lakaa platform is a simple, ergonomic and intuitive tool that is easy for employees to learn. After finding the right level of communication internally, Lakaa then helps to change practices."

Thierry Bisman
Branch Manager

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