Optic 2000

Case study

Lakaa in the Optic 2ooo optician network

The Optic 2ooo group, with more than 1,600 establishments in France, brings together three major brands in the field of optics and hearing aids in France: Optic 2ooo, Lissac and Audio 2ooo.

The Optic 2ooo group needed a tool to :

  • Share good CSR practices locally so that shops can inspire each other
  • Valuing the commitment of local shops
  • To have a precise & detailed reporting of the actions taken, usable by the head office and the CSR team.

Lakaa was therefore deployed in 180 shops during an experimental phase lasting several months. The first results are very positive: 2,360 CSR actions were declared by the shops in 3 months!

"Lakaa gives us a way to benchmark our level of engagement, to challenge ourselves, to fight for good practice, to share and to inspire!""

Anne Flambeau
Shop Manager

"The Lakaa collaborative platform allows us to see our progress by shop and inspire each other. Thank you!"

Nathalie Deforel-Lemonnier
Shop Manager

"The Lakaa platform is really a perfect solution for our CSR exchanges, many thanks for this tool!"

Sabrina Robin Gallard
External Relations Officer

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