After two months of experimentation in 50 Bureau Vallée shops throughout France, Lakaa has been deployed to the entire network of shops (franchised & integrated)! Since May, 347 Bureau Vallée stores all over the world (Metropolitan France, Belgium, Overseas Departments and Regions, Tunisia and Cameroon) can now share and show their commitment through their social and environmental actions thanks to Lakaa.

Bureau Vallée engages its entire franchisee network on CSR issues thanks to Lakaa!

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After two months of experimentation in 50 Bureau Vallée shops throughout France, Lakaa has been deployed to the entire network of shops (franchised & integrated)! Since May, 347 Bureau Vallée shops all over the world (Metropolitan France, Belgium, French Overseas Departments and Regions, Tunisia and Cameroon) have been able to implement more environmental and social actions and share their commitments thanks to Lakaa.

From CSR strategy to action

Bureau Vallée, a major self-service stationery and office supplies retailer, has chosen to move from a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy to a CSO (Corporate Social Action) strategy, which advocates movement through the action of its franchisee network.

Understanding that it is necessary for all of us to act for the common good, the Bureau Vallée company wishes to rely on its employees, the first actors of commitment at the local level. The creation of a network of internally committed ambassadors, called the Colibris, was the first step towards the implementation of its action plan. The mission of these committed employees is to be Bureau Vallée's ESA relays and to enable the company to take charge of these issues at local level.

Bureau Vallée is committed to the following three axes, linked to the DNA of the brand:

  1. Improving supply
  2. Changing the way things are done
  3. Building sustainable relationships

Bureau Vallée shops have a high degree of autonomy to implement the ESA strategy at their level. The challenge for the company is therefore toinvolve the franchisees in the reflection and implementation of this strategy, in relation to these three areas.

With a network of more than 340 French-speaking shops worldwide, Bureau Vallée needed a tool that would enable it to manage the commitment of its shops, by giving priorities and a means for each franchisee to take action.

Deployment of the Lakaa platform in the franchisee network

The two-month experimentation phase confirmed that the solution proposed by Lakaa meets the needs of local users. The platform makes it possible to animate, monitor and promote concrete social and environmental actions, and thus facilitate the commitment of the network's shops.

Already deployed in several multi-site brands(Leroy Merlin, Carmila and the Caisse d'Epargne Hauts-de-France), Lakaa meets the specific problems of companies with a network of establishments throughout the country.

Thanks to its access to the Lakaa platform, a Bureau Vallée shop can :

  • Find a catalogue of concrete social and environmental actions in line with the priorities and activities of Bureau Vallée shops (Environment, Human, Products & services and Territorial solidarity)
  • Share your own actions in shop, which can be taken up by other shops in the network
  • Discover also all the actions carried out by other shops in the world to get inspired by them
  • Track the ESA progress of your shop with detailed reporting of your actions

For their part, the Bureau Vallée head office teams can easily manage the ESA strategy at local level, and bring about a real implementation of the franchisee network. Also having access to the platform, the members of the head office can steer the strategy, highlight the actions carried out and collect the concrete data of the franchisees' actions.

A look at the experimental phase in figures

The experimentation phase was carried out in two stages. A study of the needs was carried out through meetings in the field with the shops, an essential step for Lakaa, allowing it to truly understand the local problems and to adapt the tool.

The Lakaa team went to meet 4 franchisees (Brest, Dreux, Paris V and Toulon). These exchanges allowed us to highlight the needs of the employees in the field and to collect the actions already accomplished by the shops on the territory.

Subsequently, the head office and the franchisees were supported in the use of the platform, thanks to training sessions organised by Lakaa, in order to ensure the proper adoption of the tool and to gather further feedback from the shops.

The support and proximity to the local area made it possible to launch the experimental phase involving 50 Bureau Vallée shops with a catalogue of actions specific to the brand and to actions already carried out in the field.

In two months, nearly 700 environmental and social actions were shared on the different themes by the 50 shops involved in the experimentation phase. More than 200 photos of actions in the field were also uploaded via the platform!

The commitment and the high rate of adoption by the shops confirmed that the Lakaa tool met the needs and validated the interest in deploying the platform to the entire network.

The objective now is to mobilise the 300 new shops on the platform to increase the group's impact in all regions!

Would you like to follow the example of Bureau Vallée and involve all your establishments in your CSR strategy? Request a demo of Lakaa right here!

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